About ISRA

About ISRA

The Institute of Space Research and Aerospace (ISRA) is one of the institutes that belong to the National Center of Research (NCR). It has been established in the 6th of June 2013, in order to localize research and development of the different fields of space science and aerospace technology in Sudan.

The administrative building of the institute is located at Mohammed Najeeb Street, south of the Computer College of Bahry University.

ISRA Message

  1. Nationalize space science and aerospace engineering in Sudan
  2. Awareness of space science and Aerospace.
  3. Qualify the researchers, engineers and technicians in the fields of Aerospace and space Science.

Means to Achieve ISRA Goals

  1. Provision of the appropriate environment for research in the fields of space science and aerospace engineering.
  2. Polarization of qualified Sudanese researchers, scientists and engineers.
  3. Establishment of laboratories and workshops those are necessary for research and development.
  4. Provision of database, books and brochures.
  5. Provision of advanced computer programs and special engineering tools
  6. Provision of both internal and external continuous training and activate the seminars, workshops and conference
  7. Cooperation with internal and external corporations, companies and universities to enhance postgraduate programs.
  8. Establishing a website for the institute, and issue a periodic magazine that concerns with research in space and aerospace technology.
  9. Sponsorship and encouragement of talented fresh engineers and technicians and the amateurs

Fields and Activities of the Institute

  1. Satellites Design.
  2. Science and Aerospace Engineering.
  3. Design of special computer software related with astronomy and space.
  4. Space Physics and Astronomy Sciences.
  5. Aerial and Space Navigation.
  6. Laser, Radar and Remote Sensing.
  7. Alternative Energy in Space Science.