ISRASAT-1 Project

MAY, 2016|

General information:

Institute of Space Research and Aerospace (ISRA) started a one unit (1U) CubeSat project on March 2015. CubeSats are standard form of small satellites that carry scientific missions. The low cost and fast delivery approach of CubeSat projects allowed it to spread widely in the research institutes around the world. ISRA has started the first phase, ISRASAT1 prototype.

Mission Statement:

ISRASAT1 mission statement is to build, launch and operate a 1U CubeSat in space that will take images from space to provide an educational experience for researchers and other research entities in Sudan on developing, testing and operating a satellite. ISRASAT1 main payload is a camera by which it will take images for the Earth from outer space. ISRASAT1 prototype was successfully completed and it demonstrated the ability of ISRASAT1 team to move forward toward the Engineering Module (EM) as planned.

Expected impact

  1. Collecting the telemetry and mission data for experimental analysis and evaluation.
  2. Build the expertise and professions within ISRA to develop and launch Nano-satellites.
  3. Gain the expertise in building, testing, launching and operatingISRASAT1.
  4. Sharing knowledge betweenISRA and overseas research institutes, and initiate collaborations on space-related research and projects.
  5. To give researchers a hands-on space project experience.
  6. To promote space engineering and space science education at other Sudanese educational institutes, research centers and universities.